Life Weight loss

A great way to achieve specific goals within a short amount of time.

Life Weight loss Program

The 12 week weight loss for life program, developed by the team at “My Way”, is not designed to just lose weight, but to develop and maintain a healthy body for life. Included in the program are proven strategies and tactics to keep you on the path of success – no more yo-yo dieting!

Picture yourself slimmer, stronger with a toned body, able to climb stairs effortlessly with a smile on your face and a positive outlook. The experienced My Way team will support, motivation and guide you in achieving your new life style.
Weight Loss for Life Program includes;

  • An experienced personal trainer with one on one weekly sessions
  • Individual weight loss exercise programs
  • Unlimited use of members only studio facilities
  • Access to all classes
  • Nutritional coaching with meal planning
  • Success coaching

It’s not about diets, pills or shakes, it’s about building a new healthy life style for life– just ask our clients