The Body Shop Program


when you’re looking for more than “tone”.


The Body Shop Program

The Body Shop Program, when you’re looking for more than “tone”. Always wanted an athletic or muscular body but just don’t know how build one? Learn the secrets of developing an awesome body like the professionals.

The Body Shop Program isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve got the determination, dedication and drive My Way has the trainers, knowledge and resources to give you the look you’re after – men and women

Come and join The Body Shop Program and look amazing no matter what you’re wearing or “not” wearing.

The Body Shop Program Includes:

  • Body Shop personal trainer – one on one weekly sessions
  • Ultimate Body Shop gym program – updated every four weeks
  • Members only training studio
  • Fit class
  • Nutritional coaching with meal planning
  • Success coaching


The Body Shop Program isn’t all about “the” look it’s also about being fit and healthy.