About Our Team

Meet our personal trainers


Lead Trainer Rena Baumer shares a wealth of knowledge, ensuring you are progressively challenged.

Not only will you be leaner, but you will also feel stronger, more flexible, stable and agile. 

“My Goal is having you achieve more than you ever thought possible”

About our Personal Trainers

At My Way, our trainers are committed to you and your goals. Fully qualified and experienced trainers work with you to develop exercise programs that are proven to deliver life changing results. As part of your program, we will assess your current fitness levels, injuries or illnesses, past exercise history, likes and dislikes, motivation, and lifestyle factors ensuring we develop the best possible program to suit your lifestyle and needs. 

Our team of male and female trainers are not only well qualified but have the very latest technology at their disposal – Myzone to ensure you are working out at a level that delivers results in a challenging range – Evolt 360 body scanner provides a comprehensive break down of your bodies composition – Personalised exercise programs incorporating great quality exercise equipment.

It’s the combination of personal training skills from a caring team of professionals and proven technology that consistently delivers achievable results that clients have come to expect from My Way Personal Training – click here to hear from some of our clients