Life Coaching

My Way Personal Training clients can work one on one with a success coach who will assist you in refocussing on your goals, actions and strategies to move forward. Our aim is to help you clarify your direction and understand how you can use your strengths to help you excel in whatever you choose to do.

We work with you to;

  • Develop a clear sense of direction and the confidence to succeed
  • Identify your values and strengths to achieve goals
  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop a greater degree of self awareness
  • Help you achieve your goals, improve stress management
  • Achieve work life balance
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Help you create a life that has a sense of purpose and achievement

Life and Business Coaching

A life and business coaching program specifically focussed on facilitating personal growth, enhancing corporate or organisational effectiveness. Coaching may be directed at developing professional skills, improving performance, altering leadership style, developing competencies, or coaching for a nominated business agenda.

Experience demonstrates that combining personal training with coaching has a positive effect on players’ professional and personal lives resulting in a happier more efficient individual.

Coaching runs in conjunction with the personal training program with the option of phone or face to face meetings – coaching is provided by Business Coaching Plus