It’s not about what you weigh but what your weight is made up of that’s important. This can’t be determined by standing on scales – all that tells you is your overall weight.

At My Way Personal Training clients have the option of undergoing a EVOLT 360 full body scan

The EVOLT 360 measures:

·Lean body mass
·Body fat percentage
·Visceral fat levels
·Subcutaneous fat levels
·Skeletal muscle mass
·Visceral fat levels
·Fitness age
·Basal metabolic rate
·Bone mineral content

From this information tailored exercise and food programs are compiled giving you the best possible results.

It’s about losing unwanted body fat and building muscle – remember muscle weighs more than fat! 

1. Be Active

Challenge yourself and live a better lifestyle by being active and making healthy diet choices.

2.Log Scans

Get scanned on a Evolt360 and have your results uploaded automatically or enter your activity details manually.

3. Track your results

Track your progress, gain insights, share your journey or motivate yourself by following the journeys of others.


Track, monitor and analyse with the Evolt Active App and Web Platform

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