Camden’s Independent Personal Training Studio

My Way Personal Training is Camden area’s fully-independent personal training studio. Unlike other gyms which are part of a larger chain, we are privately-owned and operated. Therefore, we have a passion for helping every one of our members achieve their fitness goals. With our dedication to helping our members focus on the areas of fitness they want to improve, and with a caring and welcoming atmosphere, My Way is a personal training studio unlike any other in the Macarthur region.

Whatever style of training you would like to undertake, we can help you. We offer personal and group fitness training covering areas such as boxing, circuit training and our unique to My Way class: Func Fit. At our Camden, NSW studio, our personal trainers care about your fitness goals. You are not just another gym member at My Way: you’re a respected part of our community.


This is the perfect way to achieve optimal results in a shorter period of time. Our dedicated trainers listen to your fitness goals and create a program that is great fun whilst also getting you to where you want to be.


Our personalised nutrition programs are a great option for initiating a diet that will help you achieve your goals faster. As part of the program, My Way provides highly nutritious and delicious meals that give you the sustenance you need to train with power.


Fun, social and highly engaging, the group training classes available at My Way are perfect for helping you achieve results in an exciting atmosphere. From boxing to circuit training and the unique to My Way Func Fit, our group training programs are provided in an environment that is welcoming and comfortable.