Spring into Summer Special

$55 per week

For most of us it’s a bit late to try and get into shape for summer during summer. No sooner do we lose that unwanted body fat, summers gone.

If you want to be in the best possible shape for summer you need to begin your journey now.

We have combined the very latest fitness technology with easy to follow nutritional programs, fat burning muscle building exercise programs in a non-intimidating personal training studio under the supervision of a team of motivational personal trainers.

This program includes:

  • Myzone Exercise Belt – helping you to get the very best out of every exercise sessions
  • Evolt 360 body scans – to ensure you’re building muscle and losing fat
  • Nutritional meal programs and coaching – includes your macro profile
  • Personal training sessions – Work with your own personal trainer to keep you motivate and on track
  • Fat burning muscle building exercise program – it’s not about the weight it’s about unwanted fat
  • Access to members only Training Studio – if you hate gyms you’ll love us.

Suits male and females of all ages and fitness levels.

Call today to reserve a spot

02 4647 1515