Group Classes

Group training sessions are a great way to have heaps of fun while working out and achieving your fitness goals. Group Training combines traditional disciplines with a fun approach so you will never be bored.  Our sessions are held in a friendly, non threatening environment where you can feel comfortable. Each class usually goes for 45 minutes and has a maximum of 16 participants. Its your complete workout.

Class name: HIIT Fit

Description: A full body workout, continually improving fitness while shaping and toning.

Skill level: Designed for all fitness levels, offering plenty of variation to suit varying skill levels

Benefits: A cardio workout building strength and stamina. High energy interval training combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilisation.

Class name: Muscle Tone

Description: An Energetic workout that incorporates weight and cardio training

Skill level: Suitable for all skill levels

Benefits: A great way to lose weight, tone up and get fit

Class name: Circuit

Description: An invigorating workout involving cardio and resistance training exercises which are easy to follow

Skill level: Suitable for all skill levels

Benefits: A great way to burn fat and get fit. A full body workout targeting major muscle groups in the legs, arms and upper body, enhancing strength and flexibility

Class name: Func Fit (unique to My Way)

Description: A fusion of functional training styles that build strength and conditioning through varied workouts. Daily workouts challenge differing parts of your functional strength and conditioning

Skill level: All skill levels. The challenge is scalable based on your skills and abilities

Benefits: Focusing on the goal of building a body that performs functionally and efficiently under any circumstance.